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Re-Imagining St. Louis College and Career Planning with Next Prep

Six years after finishing high school, the majority of St. Louis city graduates have no postsecondary degree (1) , are in significant debt (2) , and lack adequate professional skills training (3).

  1. Low Degree Completion: 87% of St. Louis city high school graduates have no postsecondary degree six years after graduation.

  2. Significant Debt: 57% of graduates with "some college" allocate 35-51% of their income to student loan debt, and they only earn $3,000 more per year than those with no college.

  3. Inadequate Professional Skills: St. Louis employers report work habits, critical thinking and problem solving, and communication and interpersonal skills as major shortcomings in over 60% of employees.

Next Prep re-imagines college and career planning for St. Louis high schoolers with a robust, interactive program of self-discovery, career exploration, and professional skill-building. Next Prep at Kairos Academies empowers students to confidently pursue the pathway after high school that will allow them to meet their education, income, and life goals.

Ready to learn more about free, public, personalized learning at Kairos Academies? Contact our enrollment team:


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