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Living in St. Louis

Many people’s knowledge of St. Louis starts and stops at the Arch. But for us, our world-famous monument is a doorway to discover the unexpected diversity of people, culture, values, industry, and even geography that thrive in this unique Midwest metropolis. Even those who’ve lived here all their lives are continually surprised to discover something new.


St. Louis is filled with opportunities to change the lives of our children but also the opportunity to change your own life. Hear from our teachers on how St. Louis has impacted their lives.

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Kairos student and teacher
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“My Instructional Director challenged me to fine-tune my teaching presence in the classroom and provided support when I needed it most. I felt like I could breathe at work, even during life’s more taxing moments, because of the positive and supportive environment."

Brianna, High School History Co-Chair

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