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A Free Public Education
Where Students Direct Their Own Lives & Learning

What should education look like in the 21st century?
How can we empower students to lead and succeed in the St. Louis of tomorrow?

Kairos (Anc. Greek, kai-ros): "the spirit of opportunity"

Ages ago, circumstances as fleeting and consequential as what our world is facing today would have been called kairos – Ancient Greek for “the opportune time to act.” Now is the time to rethink public education for the 21st century, and at Kairos, we are rising to meet that moment.


That's why we’ve replaced lectures with engaging projects and dictatorial "behavior managers" with 1-1 executive functioning mentors who help students learn how to manage their own schedules and work habits. Kairos students practice navigating real-world choices within a safe, supportive school environment. Kairos develops students not just into freethinkers, ready to thrive in a modern economy, but self-governing citizens prepared to lead themselves and their communities.

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St. Louis Charter School Students

Kairos Academies is proud to be ranked 3rd in Missouri for Charter Middle Schools by U.S. News & World Report and among the highest performing schools for student growth in St. Louis.

Recognized for Academics
Stay Positive
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