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Re-Imagining School for the 21st Century

Kairos offers a truly unique learning experience at a public school price: free. Our diverse-by-design, personalized approach to Middle and High School empowers students to direct their own lives and learning. We use research-based restorative justice practices and an award-winning curriculum called Summit Learning.

Your Child is Not Average

So we won't give them an average, cookie-cutter education. Mentors personalize each student's experience, checking in weekly, sending regular updates to parents, and facilitating the development of crucial executive functioning skills. By graduation, your child will be a self-directed learner, leader, and citizen—ready to thrive at college, in a 21st-century career, and in a free society.

Kairos teacher and student

“Kudos to the staff and faculty for their commitment to creating an inclusive, progressive, innovative, and successful learning environment for the kids.”

Carly, Kairos Parent

Re-Imagining School for the 21st Century

Kairos Academies Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning
Every child has different strengths and weaknesses, so we use coursework that adapts to the unique learning needs of each student. With a personal laptop connected to an internet of resources, we empower students to learn in the way and at the pace that works best for them.

Kairos Academies Self-Directed Schedules

Self-Directed Goals

Factory-style classes force kids to be followers, not leaders. However, success requires independence–students must learn how to learn independently. At Kairos, we teach students to manage their time and priorities, just like a college student or modern-day professional.

Kairos Academies One-on-One Mentoring

One-on-One Mentoring

Our kids meet with a personal mentor weekly who helps them manage their schedule and study habits. Mentors work closely with families to help students make responsible choices about how, when, where, and with whom to learn. At Kairos, we believe students must own their education.

Kairos Academies Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Our kids don’t just talk about working across lines of difference–they practice it daily by leading study groups, extracurricular clubs, and student government. From mediating peer discipline to advising our school board, it’s our students that truly own the Kairos community.

Kairos Academies Year-Round Education

Year-Round Education

Instead of a long summer break and even longer semesters, Kairos runs all year on two-month cycles. Students work hard for five weeks, then recharge for one or two. During these breaks, faculty analyze student data, meet with families, and plan targeted support so that the next cycle is even better for our kids.

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The Power to Catch Up and Zoom Ahead

Award-Winning Growth

Kairos Academies Middle School has been recognized by Saint Louis University as a Prime Growth Award Winner for beating the odds in student growth.

St. Louis' Top 4

Our 2022 MAP scores place Kairos Academies in the top 4 districts/charters in St. Louis. Kairos is the only school in the top 4 that serves over 50% low-income families.

Growth for Every Student

Covid left many students far behind. As they continue to learn at Kairos, more and more students reach and exceed state standards.

Kairos MAP Score Web Charts_English.png
Kairos MAP Score Web Charts_Math.png
Kairos MAP Score Web Charts_Science.png

Personalized learning at Kairos empowers students to truly master content and challenges them to apply their knowledge in class. For example in math, Kairos students are entering middle school below grade level. By the time they finish middle school, students have gone from 0% proficient or advanced to 35.7% proficient or advanced (2022 MAP scores).

Kairos is proud to partner with Summit Learning, the nation’s leader in project-based, culturally responsive coursework. Together we’re bringing St. Louis Children best-in-class materials, designed at Stanford, and awarded a gold medal by U.S. News.

Next Prep for High Schoolers

Compensation and demand for highly-skilled careers continues to grow in St. Louis–yet high school students lack the necessary skills and don't understand how to seize these valuable opportunities. Kairos Academies High School is fundamentally changing the St. Louis high school experience with Next Prep–a groundbreaking college and career readiness program that connects the dots between what students learn in the classroom and what they can choose to do with their futures.

Kairos Academies Next Prep Icon-02.png

Self Discovery
In years 1-2, Kairos students explore their strengths, interests, and values through a series of self-assessments and structured reflections. Students discover how their unique combinations of interests and talents could translate into meaningful careers and/or college majors.

Kairos Academies Next Prep Icon-03.png

Professional Skills

Over their high school career, Kairos students complete a practice-based workplace skills program. Skills learned include communication, positive attitude, ownership over performance, technological agility, and the ability to learn and apply new information quickly.

Kairos Academies Next Prep Icon-01.png

Career Exploration

Kairos students engage with an interactive curriculum–including presentations by real world professionals and job site visits–to explore various career pathways. When they enter 11th grade, Kairos students will be ready to pursue paid internships, industry certifications, and college credits aligned with their chosen pathway.

Kairos Academies Next Prep Icon-04.png


Throughout the program Kairos students receive one-on-one mentorship from program instructors. Students connect with experts in their fields of interest–allowing Kairos students to build a network of mentors to help advance their professional interests after high school.

Application Process

Step 1


Fill out a quick application on Schoolmint—no tuition or admissions test required. Have questions? Call 314-252-0602, sign up for a tour, or ask our chatbot.

Step 2


Students are admitted by lottery on the second Friday of January. After the lottery, admission to Kairos is first-come, first-served.

Step 3


If your child wins the lottery, you can accept your spot on Schoolmint and complete your registration entirely online.

Step 4

Back-to-School Night

In August, you can join us for Back-to-School Night to learn more information and begin orienting your child to their new school!

  • What is a charter school?
    A charter school is a free, independent public school that operates outside of a school district. Charter schools are granted greater flexibility in return for greater accountability. Missouri charter schools are governed by independent boards and are non-profit organizations. You can learn more about charter schools from our charter sponsor, Missouri Charter Public School Commission.
  • Does Kairos charge tuition?
    Kairos is a public school and is prohibited from charging tuition. We receive per-pupil public funds similar to district schools. While Missouri law requires us to receive 100% of the funding, the reality is that charter school per pupil funding is slightly smaller than what the local district receives. As with most states, Missouri charter schools do not receive capital funds to support facility expenses. Charter schools are entitled to federal categorical funding for which their students are eligible, such as Title I and Special Education monies. Federal legislation provides grants to help charters to manage start-up costs. If you’d like to learn more about monetarily supporting Kairos, please click here.
  • What is the difference between charter schools and other public schools?
    Charter schools are established by teachers, parents, principals, educational experts, and entrepreneurs. The biggest difference is that no student is assigned to a charter school. Families choose to enroll their children in charter schools. Charter schools operate free from some of the regulations of a school district. Charter schools are accountable for achieving the same state standards as school districts but may choose to use different measures and timelines for reaching their goals. In exchange for flexibility, charters can be closed if they do not keep their performance promises. Charter schools are governed by non-profit boards and must comply with their “charter” agreement and performance contract conditions. Unlike elected district boards, charter school boards are appointed and operate under Missouri Statutes that regulate non-profit organizations.
  • What grades does Kairos serve?
    Kairos Academies is enrolling grades 5-10 for the 2023-24 school year. We will grow by one grade level each year until our founding class of students graduates from high school.
  • Does Kairos select who their students are?
    We are a public school which means we are open to all students in the area we serve. We accept our students by a random, public lottery. If you’re interested in applying, you can submit your student's application here.
  • How can I enroll my child?
    You can submit an application at any time here.
  • How can I support Kairos Academies?
    We believe that education is the best gift you can give and thank you for your consideration in supporting our mission. You can donate by clicking here, or learn more about volunteering here.
  • Are you hiring?
    We invite you to visit our Careers page to see our current job openings, chat one-on-one with our Director of Talent, or to submit your resume for us to have on file should a good fit position come up.
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