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Love Your School


“Kudos to the staff and faculty for their commitment to creating an inclusive, progressive, innovative, and successful learning environment for the kids.”

-Carly, Kairos parent


“My son is learning how to manage his own time. It's challenging, but it will serve him very well as he progresses through school. This is something I didn't learn myself until college.”

-Josh, Kairos parent


"Kairos has helped me not only academically, but mentally as well. It was hard to find a place where I belonged up until now. The community is so diverse and open.”

-Isaiah, Kairos Student

On My Side

“My coach is Nilesh, and he’s always been a steady rock for me at Kairos. The check-ins help me stay grounded and it really helps to know that there’s someone in a teaching staff position that knows me and will be on my side.

-Grace, Kairos Student


“When you meet the scholars at Kairos you're meeting a diverse, intelligent, unique group of kids. Everyone comes from a different background, but at Kairos we unite as one community.”

-Nalani, Kairos Student


“It is refreshing to see a school that's willing and able to change and evolve to fit the needs of its students while still providing a rigorous education.”

-Sara, Kairos Parent


“Kairos mentors are a brilliant connection point to my kids' school days. Mentors get to know my kids and provide personalized guidance to help them reach their goals.”

-Charity, Kairos parent


“I drive my son almost 30 minutes daily to take advantage of the opportunities at Kairos. He ends each day with a smile and is prepared every morning to do it all over again.”

-G. Scott, Kairos Parent


“Kairos is a no-bullying school. Everyone is happy to be a nerd or happy to be a geek–and I love that because I used to be one.”

-Nakita, Kairos Parent


“I love the Kairos community because of how personalized and comfortable it is. Having my mentor there every step of the way, someone who knows me well, has made my middle and high school experience so much easier.”

-Mirasol, Kairos Student


“After years of working with my child, I was almost brought to tears when they told me that long division was easy. I’m so thankful for the Kairos Middle school team!”

-Brian, Kairos Parent


“Our child is energetic, creative and needs more engagement to stay focused and interested in her learning. Kairos has provided that type of engagement and it shows in her eagerness to go to school and in her academic growth.”

-Maggie, Kairos Parent


“We chose Kairos because of the self-paced learning environment the school provides. Our child is thriving academically and she doesn't feel intimidated about expressing herself. Kairos really motivates their students to do and give their best versions of themselves not just toward their academics but to their communities.”

-Ashley, Kairos Parent


“We’ve always felt like family ever since we enrolled, as the classroom leaders and administrators go above and beyond to support the students not only in the classroom setting, but in any other social and/or emotional areas that may be needed.”

-Bercille, Kairos Parent


“The reason why I’m able to focus in class and on my work is because of how work is presented at Kairos. The work is hard but never boring, teachers make lessons fun for students while getting their lesson across, and I have the freedom to use given resources to teach myself.”

-Hannah, Kairos Student


“Kairos has prepared me for how life could be in college and the career I want to go into. I strongly believe that due to the connections they have, places they've brought us, and the people we get to meet, that after high school I'll know what to do and I have an amazing fighting chance to achieve the goals and expectations I have for myself.”

-Maliha, Kairos Student


“Kairos is important because they help people figure out who they are and they embrace everybody for who they are.”

-Chloe, Kairos Student


“I chose Kairos because this school is beyond any other, the staff is great, the learning environment is phenomenal, and I feel at home no matter what.”

-Aereon, Kairos Student


“Kairos has positively impacted me by giving me opportunities that set me up for success. For example, because of Kairos, I was accepted into the Washington University College Preparatory Program. When I think about the future, I am more sure of what I want to do and how to get there.”

-Monika, Kairos Student


“In the past, I’ve struggled with getting my work done and turned in. My coach helps me complete that work, and helps me figure out how to do it more efficiently.”

-Oscar, Kairos Student

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