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Website Accessibility

What are we doing?

We have worked hard on the Kairos Academies website and continue to strive towards our goal of accessibility for all individuals. We monitor the website regularly to maintain accessibility, but if you do find any portion of the Kairos online information inaccessible, please contact us via email at

Third-party content

Occasionally, you may encounter third-party content or external links on our site. While we have done our due diligence to make our site accessible, we are not responsible for third-party content or external links. Should you encounter any accessibility issues, please contact us at


Kairos zealously protects student and family rights, including the right for parents to file a grievance. Here's how to do it (without all the legalese). Confused? Call the school for help (314-252-0602).

1. Coach 

Raise your concern with your student's coach. They'll do anything in their power to resolve the problem.

2. Administration
You can always submit your concern here too. Someone from our admin team will be in contact.


3. School Leader
Unhappy with the solution? Escalate the issue by sending an email to our Middle School Leader.


4. CEO
Still unsatisfied? Let our Chief Executive Officer know about the situation so we can look into it further.

5. Board
Appeal by emailing our Board President or writing to 2315 Miami St., St. Louis, MO 63118.

If you have a complaint about Kairos’ treatment of a statute or regulation of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, please follow the procedure outlined here.

Unsure how to do any of the above? Don't hesitate to call our front office (314-252-0602) to get help or schedule an appointment.

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