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Statement from the Kairos Academies Board of Directors

July 6, 2023

“In January, 2022, the Missouri Charter Public School Commission sent us a letter criticizing the Board's vote to provide funds designated for deferred compensation to former staff. In response, the Board immediately addressed the Commission’s concerns and requested the return of the funds, which were promptly returned to Kairos Academies. By the end of March 2022, Kairos Academies had been reimbursed the funds and updated its policies to be in compliance with all concerns raised by the Commission.

While there's no suggestion that Kairos did anything illegal or fraudulent, we believe the Board’s decision to grant the compensation was the wrong choice. As a result, we commit that, moving forward, Kairos Academies will not award deferred compensation to past or present employees.

The Kairos Academies Board of Directors has continued to implement additional governance reforms to ensure we always operate with transparency and integrity. We detail these reforms in our July 6th letter to the Kairos community.”

-Aaron Jackson

Board Chair


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