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KAHS Scholars Reflect on Their Favorite Teachers

Kairos Academies are home to some amazing educators! Don't take our word for it though–listen to what our high school scholars have to say about some of their favorite teachers.

"I feel like I can be myself around all of the teachers...[Kairos] is a community that I don't think you can find anywhere else and I just love it so much."
"The reason why I love [Emi] is you are very persistent and patient and you take your off days to help us do extracurricular tutoring."
"We love and appreciate [Ms. Brianna]! Thank you so much for everything you have done for are such a good person and you make us happy to come to school."
"The teacher I appreciate is Hannah...she's really supportive on days I miss–like emailing me and reminding me to do things...she's just a very loving and supportive coach"
"I love and appreciate Ms. Holley...she's constantly there when I need help or am going through something emotional. She's on my back about my education...she pushes me to do my best."
"This year in [Mr. G's] class, I've just felt like I've learned so many things that can help in real life. I want to say thank you for that and also thank you for just being yourself and and for being such an amazing teacher."


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