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The Intentionality of Black History Month

What's going on Kairos family! This is your one-and-only Dr. Will, Director of Community here at Kairos Academies, and I was asked to talk about this thing happening this month called black history.

My first gut reaction is "black history is really American history."

But as I was thinking about the month itself, I think there's a there's a beauty to the intentionality, the intentionality of highlighting and celebrating black voices, black stories–not just black history–and the impact that black lives continue to have on the legacy of American history.

It is important to be intentional about having a month dedicated to that celebration and emphasis.

And if I were to connect that back to what that means for Kairos, I think the word intentional is the right word. It's who we are as an intentionally diverse community. It's the ways in which we celebrate voices of all people. It's how we particularly fight to serve at risk populations. And it's how we understand, with a forefront emphasis, the barriers that both black students and black staff have in the educational environment. It's a part of that intentionality.

And so in this month, as we are celebrating those voices of people who look, breathe, smell, and sound like me, I just want to call us all back to that idea of being intentional in our conversations, in our lives, and who we are. And I want you to know that your voices are worth celebrating too.


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