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Kairos Parent Info

Materials to Share
After-School Care

After-School Care

We've partnered with the following organizations to provide daily after-school programming:

Exceptional Needs

Exceptional Needs

Does your child have exceptional needs (e.g., learning disability, non-English speaker, in foster care, homeless, migrant)? Email for support.

Title I-A Plan

Title I Plans

Our Middle School and High School Title I plans share information on how we support socioeconomically disadvantaged students. 

Dismissal Procedures

Dismissal Procedures

Regular Dismissal

The middle school dismisses beginning at 4:00pm, and the high school dismisses beginning at 4:05pm. All students should be picked up by 4:35 pm.


Wednesday Early Dismissal

Kairos dismisses early every Wednesday afternoon to provide additional planning and professional development time for classroom teachers. The middle school dismisses early on Wednesdays at 12:55pm, and the high school dismisses early at 1:00pm.


Car Line

Drivers should enter our car line beginning on Utah St. Once on Utah, turn south onto Missouri Ave; then turn right onto Miami St. All drivers should exit the line at Jefferson Ave and Miami St. This route has been coordinated with our neighbors to minimize traffic and maximize student safety. Click here to view our car line and campus map.

Summit Learning Instruction

Summit Learning Instructions

Access Your Child’s Learning Experience


Check the Summit Parent Portal to see what your child is working on a daily basis.


Some things you can do in Summit:

  • See the projects that your child is currently working on

  • Observe their skills performance

  • Track their progress towards their individual goals.

Summit Parent Portal Overview

Logging into the Parent Portal

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Parents Login” in the upper right

  3. Sign in with your username or email address, as well as your password


View your child's work

Using the menu on the left, explore what your child is working on by going to the Week, the Year, or Progress sections.


The Week section is where your child will set goals for focus areas and checkpoints they are working on.


Going to the Year section will shows your child's progress across all subjects. You will notice a vertical blue line–that indicates where the student should be today to be on track to complete the course by the end of the school year. Projects to the left of the line are either completed or behind schedule, while the projects to the right are the ones coming up.


In the Progress Section, you can see you can see your child's recent work, their goals for the week, and notes from their teachers and coaches

For more help using the Summit Parent Portal, please visit the Summit Learning Help Center.

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